Info Voroneț - The silence of your holiday

Info Voroneț – The silence of your holiday

Humorean area

Space humorean vecuit permanently into the forests and blue Voronet universe that seems more legendary bison boncaluitul reverberates a distant roar. Humor is not only a geographical administrative unit, is a reality that lasts beyond today, is a habitat full of spirituality, is the aura of northern Romania.

Mountain tourism resources

The town has a picturesque landscape, surrounded by Obcina covered with deciduous and coniferous, and the climate is pleasant and refreshing. Voronet is a landmark of the boundary between the area of ​​deciduous forest and pine.

Cultural Attractions

The existence of tourism resources in the area of cultural and religious nature have made ​​the town Gura Humor to turn into a real hub of tourist traffic, most routes visiting the monasteries of Bucovina intersecting the town Gura Humor.

Traditional Popular Culture

Bucovina is one of the few places in the country where there are still traditions and costumes. Sunday, people from villages proudly displays his costume “good” or “go to Church” Easter skilled women of the village paint (închistresc) eggs and New Year you can attend performances unique and authentic folk: “Fog New Year “,” Similarly, it “(the straw bears) and other rituals of fertility and purification.